IT & Telecommunication Projects Management
IT & Telecommunication Projects Management


The IT Organizational Management Methodology known as “Cobit – Control Objectives for Information and Related Technologies” is internationally accepted and used in Turkey. This is a method that ranks business processes in all units in an organization and is an information system that is one of the most important pieces in adding value. It is a method that can be used to model IT resources and technology processes. The goal is to reach an understanding in a common language between the business world and the IT world, who complete each other but don’t always speak the same language. Cobit enables and manages the IT processes within the IT organization and includes the controls required to occur. It also identifies and manages the IT risks in processes and projects. It is a method that is in accordance with international standards and is trustworthy, effective, productive, and ongoing. It provides for the identification of critical success factors for a process and the measurement of project output, as well as providing an auditing framework. Cobit is a method that has been approved by the BDDK as part of the IT Auditing Management Draft for the Banking Information Systems.

Our Purpose: To enable the best international process management principles to be adopted by IT managers, sytem services, technology management, etc. To enable accountability in IT systems and processes. To identify managerial control mechanisms such as IT auditing, IT risk management and Control-focused management and Measurement criteria. To provide training and consulting services and enable organizations to achieve their business goals and technology-focused strategic goals.

Our Goal: To support the cost/benefit analysis (one of the most important costs in IT investments), to support the organizational governance for the value to be created, and to support the measurement of the control-focused process management and to make it transparent. To create awareness about the subject of technology-business process risk management. To trigger the control mechanisms for information security, and to provide project consulting within this scope by presenting a systematic management and auditing method.

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